Chef Lau's creation of a Christ-mas fusion special. A piece of succulent turkey meat wrapped in crepe with Chinese style relish to create a scintillating and visually stunning hand roll.
Slices of Pan Fried Atlantic Cod sitting on top of a bed of diced fruits accompa-nied with a zesty dressing. The strong & rich flavor of the cod is nicely compli-mented by a fresh fruit compote and dressing. Get ready to have your palates treated with an explosion of flavors.
The showpiece of this set meal is our Signature Lobster Por-ridge. Half a slice of the fresh-est spiny rock lobster served in a bowl of superior broth with soften rice ("Teo Chew style porridge"). The taste of the broth is rich yet not overpower-ing the exquisite taste of the lobster. The outcome is a dish of superlative quality.
Green Dragon Vegetable, a cross between 2 types of chives, with Sea Cucumber and Hon Shimeji Mushroom served in a Japanese style bean bag. The extravagant flavor in each bite is accentuated by the richness of texture from the combination of Sea Cucumber, Vegetable & Hon Shimeji Mushroom.
A dessert specially prepared for you. Be surprised as our kitchen changes our dessert menu. From sweet pumpkin cream to our homemade soya bean curd, your sweet tooth will be constantly      excited during every visit!
Exquisitely presented to you at $56.50 per pax and only available from 1st to 31st December 2013.

For reservations, please call us at 6294 8057