As we send off the golden snake and usher in the year of the galloping horse, take a look at our range of exquisite Chinere New Year menu. We have an extravagant 5 course set meal ( for two ), throughout January and February 2014, which includes "not to be missed" festive special such a " Sliced Abalone Mini Lo Hei " and our specialty Braised Lobster Yee Fu Noodles.
Wàn Hé Lóu also have an extensive menu selection for larger group get-togethers . Click to view our special sets to celebrate the Lunar New Year:
Reward yourselves for the tough shift you put in during the year of the snake.
Bring your family, friends, employees and all your loved ones down to Wàn Hé Lóu and regale during this festive period.
You can also bring some of Chef "Lobster" Lau's culinary ingenuity to gathering by ordering our takeout menu, Besides the set menus, try our Wàn Hé Lóu Fortune "Poon Choi" (盆菜) and Prosperity Yu Sheng.
Call us at 62948057 for reservations now.