A uthentic Shanghai Hairy Crab Season (aka "Da Zha Xie") has begun at Wan He Lou, Singapore. Shanghai Hairy Crab is a seasonal delicacy that coincides with their breeding cycle and it will be a year's wait before they are reaching our shores again. So do not miss the chance to feast on them now.
A t Wan He Lou Restaurant, this famous Shanghai delicacy is steamed to preserve the goodness of its fresh flavor. The richness of its creamy roe and the sweetness of its meat is also sealed within when pepared this way. Each order of Hairy Crab is accompanied with our specially concocted Ginger Tea to cleanse your palate after enjoying our meal.
T he best way to enjoy Hairy Crabs is get your hands dirty and start sucking the goodness out of them. Using our "Hairy Crab scissor", you will be able to slice and dice your crab to reach and savour every bit of the crab. You can also approach our friendly staff for a demonstration on how to "flay" your hairy feast.